Praise for Midnight in Europe

“A lovely book. With Midnight in Europe, Alan Furst delivers an observant, sexy, and thrilling tale set in the outskirts of World War II, when Europe grew dark and ordinary men and women found themselves compelled to fight for righteous principles. In Furst’s hands, Paris once again comes alive with intrigue. A dark time, yes, but also one that is endlessly compelling.”

—Erik Larson

“Through multiple novels, Furst has illuminated moments of reluctant courage and desperate love in a world teetering on the edge of destruction. He does so again here, and, as always, he does it exquisitely. . . . Furst is a master of mood, but, above all, he is able to show how the most personal of emotions—love, especially—drives the actions of men and women caught in a time of peril.”

Booklist, starred review

“Elegant, gripping . . . [Furst] remains at the top of his game.”

The New York Times


“Suspenseful and sophisticated . . . No espionage author, it seems, is better at summoning the shifting moods and emotional atmosphere of Europe before the start of World War II than Alan Furst.”

The Wall Street Journal


“Too much fun to put down . . . [Furst is] a master of the atmospheric thriller.”

The Boston Globe

Praise for Mission to Paris

“One of [Furst’s] best … This is the romantic Paris to make a tourist weep … Furst writes profoundly realistic books. The brilliant historical flourishes seem to create – or recreate – a world … In Furst’s densely populated books, hundred of minor characters – clerks, chauffeurs, soldiers, whores – all whirl around his heroes in perfect focus for a page or two, then dot by dot, face by face, they vanish, leaving a heartbreaking sense of the vast Homeric epic that was World War II and the smallness of almost every life that was caught up in it.”

The New York Times Book Review (Editor’s Choice)

“Mesmerizing … Mr. Furst is a master at conjuring European scenes and moods during World War II and the fraught years that preceded it … Here, in Technicolor detail, is the luxe world of four-star hotels and Art Deco ocean liners—as well as a shadowy world of smoky boîtes and old rooming houses … Mr. Furst’s writerly magic is inadvertently summed up by one of Stahl’s girlfriends, on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the countryside beyond Budapest: “We’ve gone back in time.””

The Wall Street Journal

“Alan Furst again shows why he is a grandmaster of the historical espionage genre. Furst not only vividly re-creates the excitement and growing gloom of the City of Light in 1938-39, as war with Nazi Germany looms, but also demonstrates a profound knowledge of the political divisions and cultural sensibilities of that bygone era … It doesn’t get more action-packed and grippingly atmospheric than this.”

The Boston Globe

“Suspenseful … cinematic … Mission to Paris is seductive and entertaining, but it offers the reader more than mere escape … Furst’s heroes may not save the world, they do, by their courage and decency, shine a light in the growing darkness. And for bringing this heady, unsettled, and dangerous era to vivid life, Alan Furst deserves our thanks.”

—The Weekly Standard

“What’s remarkable is not only the strong cast of characters [Furst] invents, but the moral choices they must make under the most trying circumstances.”


 “Furst is a master of intrigue.”

New York Daily News

“Furst is a seamless espionage writer who moves with subtle control through scenes of mounting drama … Mission to Paris, his latest spy novel, is an excellent example of how to build slow psychological suspense as the Nazi claw closes inexorably over Parisians.”

—The Washington Times

“[Furst] tells of a Europe that knows the worst is sure to happen but is trying to savor every last moment of peace … [Stahl] shows courage and makes a stand for freedom and love: “What if I might have done something, anything, even a small thing, and didn’t? What would I think of myself?””

The Houston Chronicle

Mission to Paris once again demonstrates Alan Furst’s ability to deliver a historical spy novel that you can’t put down.”

The Free Lance-Star Fredericksburg

“Between them, Fredric and Paris make this a book no reader will put down to the final page. Furst evokes the city and the prewar anxiety with exquisite tension … Critics compare Furst to Graham Greene and John le Carré, but the time has come for this much-published author (this is his ninth World War II novel after Spies of the Balkans) to occupy his own pinnacle as a master of historical espionage.”

—Library Journal (starred)

 “[Furst] is most at home in Paris, which is why legions of his fans, upon seeing only the title of his latest book, will immediately feel pulses quicken … Furst has been doing this and doing it superbly for a long time now … Long ago Furst made the jump from genre favorite to mainstream bestsellerdom; returning to his signature setting, Paris, he only stands to climb higher.”

—Booklist (starred)

“Furst conveys a strong sense of the era, when responding to a knock might open the door to the end of one’s days. The novel recalls a time when black and white applied to both movies and moral choices. It’s a tale with wide appeal.”

—Kirkus (starred)

“Alan Furst’s writing reminds me of a swim in perfect water on a perfect day, fluid and exquisite. One wants the feeling to go on forever, the book to never end … Like Graham Greene, Furst creates believable characters caught up, with varying degrees of willingness, in the parade of political life. And because they care, the reader does, too … Furst is one of the finest spy novelists working today.”

—Publisher’s Weekly

“The writing in Mission to Paris, sentence after sentence, page after page, is dazzling. If you are a John le Carré fan, this is definitely a novel for you.”

–James Patterson

“I am a huge fan of Alan Furst. Furst is the best in the business–the most talented espionage novelist of our generation.”

—Vince Flynn

“Reading Mission to Paris is like sipping a fine Chateau Margaux: Sublime!”

—Erik Larson

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